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Health Insurance

We participate in many insurance plans. All patients are encouraged to check eligibility and benefits with their insurance carrier prior to their appointment.

Below are some of the insurance plans we participate in.

Questions about insurance? Call @ (502) 361-390​9 

United Healthcare

Dermatology is a mainstream medical specialty. Thousands of people visit a dermatologist every day for common and uncommon skin issues. Like traditional health care, most dermatology services are covered by insurance. However, some medications, procedures, and conditions won’t be payable by health insurance.


The guideline insurance companies use to determine whether they will pay for a service or not is a medical necessity. 


To be considered medically necessary, the visit must be to evaluate, diagnose, or continue treating a medical condition. Dermatologists spend most of their time treating more serious skin conditions. Most of the conditions and procedures listed below are considered medically necessary. A list of the most commonly covered conditions is listed below.


Skin cancer




Skin or fungal infections




Skin allergies

Keloid scars


Nail disorders


In most situations, an elective or cosmetic procedure is not covered by health insurance because it is not medically necessary, which means a person’s overall health is not affected if treatment is not received. 

There may be exceptions, but it is very unlikely.


Some insurance companies require their subscribers to receive a referral from a primary care physician before seeing a specialist. If a referral is not secured before a specialist visit, the dermatology appointment

may not be covered or paid at a lower rate.

If you are referred to a dermatologist and already have insurance, you need to make sure the provider is covered under your plan before you make an appointment. If you can’t find a dermatologist in your area that accepts your insurance, you can contact the insurance company directly for a referral.

Will Insurance Cover My Dermatology Appointment?

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